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My name Kimia is an ancient Greek word that means alchemy.

One definition of alchemy is turning metal into gold;


another is a seemingly magical process of transformation.

It is my joy and life purpose to guide people on the inner journey of what I call

personal alchemy:


the art of transforming blockages, triggers, trauma, and

unprocessed events  into your personal power and purpose.


For the last decade, I have been teaching professionally and for various non profits with a  focus on neuroscience, attachment theory, and interpersonal relationships . My foundation has been in educating others with a concentration on healing familial dysfunction, developmental trauma, mental dis-ease, anxiety, depression, and emotional processing.  I educate, lead and train people on the path of self awareness and how to transform mental blockages and emotional triggers into direction, motivation, self confidence and personal growth.


I had a successful brick and mortar healing practice where I did a combination of talk therapy and a non-invasive chiropractic treatment called B.E.S.T. that resets the nervous system and works on the physiology of the body by removing interferences that keep you sick and in pain. I have continuously found that dis-ease is a symptom of a nervous system stuck in defense or has a direct link to unprocessed emotions. When you address the cause rather than the symptoms, you activate your body's innate ability to heal. 

My work continues to transform as I assist people in finding their true purpose and living their lives in a state of integrity, alignment, healthful growth, and holistic healing. I use an array of techniques and tools gained from my vast yet specialized portfolio of trainings & certifications to teach group workshops, classes, and facilitate for various nonprofit organizations.

My passion is to empower others through knowledge-sharing, group facilitation, and teaching. I have found that a combination of Western and Indigenous Science helps us to become more grounded, embodied and aligned. I have a deep reverence for ritual, ceremony, and intention setting through earth based processes and the path of self awareness.

As the Indigenous peoples say, "As we heal, we become walking medicine for others."

My Philosophy

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 11.08.37 AM.png

“I believe that as we heal, we heal everyone we are in contact with.  This leaves a positive impact on humanity and a positive imprint within our families, our community, and the planet.  As we process repressed and suppressed emotions, we emotionally uplevel and become more conscious, compassionate, attuned and capable of empathy (for ourselves and others).”                 –Kimia

Who I Help:

I work with those who are highly empathetic to others but are somewhat
disconnected to their own needs, feelings, desires, and emotions. I also
specialize in helping people unlock stored up potential due to childhood
narcissistic wounding or unprocessed emotional trauma. Anyone ripe and
willing to embark on the process of personal transformation is my ideal client.

How I Do It:

I use a synergy of psychology-based techniques, healing modalities,
integrative practices, breathwork, intuition, and mirroring to help clients
become more mindful and aware of patterns. Together we work to release
them to make room in your life to create the future you desire.

What to Expect:

You are in charge of your own journey, and if we work together, I am in the
passenger seat giving you a road map and verbal instructions. With your
two hands on the wheel, you get to take full responsibility for your own
healing, transformation, and intentions for your life. Through this process,
you will organically release negative habits and step into the truth of who you truly are at your core essence.
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