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What it is like working with Kimia

I am estranged from my only son for 18 years. As Kimia shared her personal and professional experiences, I knew something led me to attend her webinar and we began our exploring my part in this estrangement. Through monthly meetings on Zoom Kimia expertly led me through reflection of my own need for spiritual and emotional growth to make amends to my son on my healing journey. Kimia sent me resources to read, reflect on and to practice on my own then discuss the results with her. We moved through deep reflection of my emotional challenges to stronger identity, self-worth, self-esteem, and freedom. Kimia, by asking the right question at the right time, opened the door with the key to the estrangement. The hours shared exploring the shadow and unconscious within me, resulting in letting the light of waking to consciousness shine for others. The resources Kimia shared for resolving conflict, breathing deeply to release anxiety and forgiving others will be used by me going forward. Kimia’s education, experiences in mental/emotional/family relationship healing, acceptance of the faith and emotional journey of her clients provides a guide filled with wisdom who has deep compassion and resources, knowledge, skills and abilities to companion others on the journey to healing, wholeness, and discovery of my unique purpose in this life.

I will be forever grateful for Kimia’s presence in my life and for our relationship which led me to writing, recording, and sending my amends to my son. Kimia and I go forward knowing we can share on the journey as we continue our purpose and walk through life. 

Gratefully, Katy Z

Field Sunset

When I first contacted Kimia I was having trouble focusing, regulating my emotions and questioning if I wanted to participate in the healthcare system as a nurse practitioner and I knew I needed some major support. I was already under the care of a psychiatric NP who had given me a slew of drugs that seemed to help on some levels, but I knew (at least for me) they weren't helpful in the long run. I had an appointment to see a therapist, but I ended up finding Kimia on the Power Path website, so I cancelled my therapy appointment in favor of trying something different.

Kimia offered a mixed approach of DBT techniques, BEST sessions, and shamanic practices that I hadn't tried before. Though I had always believed in Spirit in whatever shape of form and in energy medicine, I was worried that I would be judged for needing medication or for not being disciplined or spiritual enough, but all I ever felt from the first moment meeting Kimia was love and acceptance. She challenged me to use my words with integrity and to attend closely to the character of my thoughts and even the tone of my voice because they have power. She only speaks with the same authority that she expects from me and we both hold each other to that.

I couldn't have told you a few months ago what it meant to feel like I was "in my body" but after our first session I immediately felt like I had regained something I lost somewhere in my teenage years or even before that. From one session to the next I can feel myself progressing and finding new parts of my being that I had forgotten existed. I find myself now just living in the moment like I did when I was a child and I have been able to wean off of all medications without any major crises because I have found a way to truly heal. Kimia is helping me know how to listen to my heart and not undermine my own medicine and for that I am so grateful.

-Stacey C.


Kimia has an unusual trait to make everyone feel calm and safe. She literally and figuratively can open the door to a woman's soul: her closet. Kimia utilizes her certifications in different types of meditative and behavioral therapies to cleanse closets and emotions.

-Ashley L


I have been substantively impacted by your contribution which has really put me on a path to understanding my trauma in view of healing. You have a wealth of information and an effective way of conveying said information.  I can see that this your life's work because you are really good. I realized that I needed therapy to deal with my trauma as I was easily triggered, and was not quite sure where to go from here. I felt validated and supported in my process of healing trauma from childhood and in my adult life.

-Caroline C

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