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Treating Trauma Response & Stress

Introductory Course offered through The Jungian Center

Tuesday, March 19; Class 7-8:30pm (EST) Q&A 8:30-9pm (EST)


​Topics include:

*What trauma really is (and what it is not)

*The primary impacts of trauma

*Looking through the lens of early childhood development

*Passed down family dysfunction

*Relational integration & self efficacy as the pathway to healing

*Practical insights & interventions: everyday stressors & clinical issues ​and diagnoses

*Retrospective Healing of Trauma for Freedom & Alignment

Tuesday, March 19; Class 7-8:30pm (EST) w/ Q&A 8:30-9pm (EST)

via Zoom

$45 Register Below

or PayPal , Zelle, Venmo @projectalchemy


Feel free to call (505) 490-6145 or email us at if you have questions or for more information on upcoming trainings and sessions. 

An introductory training for practitioners and those who want to be trauma informed. There will be a more comprehensive, group training for those who are interested in going deeper

This 2-hour session includes practical insights & interventions to everyday stressors, clinical issues ​& diagnoses:
including anxiety and depression

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