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Healing Arts Program 

Introductory class offered through The Jungian Center

Saturday, March 23; 3-5pm (EST); via Zoom; $45 (90 min class + 30 min Q&A)

Healing Arts Program for Practitioners: ​Combining Neuroscience, Psychology, Bio-Energetics, Indigenous Sciences & Holistic Modalities

The 2024 Healing Arts Program is a professional development training for healing practitioners, educators, therapists, psychologists, community workers and those interested in launching a practice that is aligned in integrity and unique life purpose.


This program is an introduction to methodologies and training on healing from a holistic perspective (addressing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational levels) and how to become a healing force for others.


Benefits of this program include how to be of service in grounded, practical and applicable ways, and how we individually and as a collective are moving from a pathological/ dis-ease focused model to one that is more centered on the whole person.


This class combines:  Neuroscience, Psychology, Bio-Energetics, Indigenous Sciences and other Holistic & Integrative Healing Modalities.

Introductory course and preparation for an upcoming program on Saturday, March 23; 3-5pm (EST); via zoom

(90 min class + 30 min Q&A)

$45 (via PayPal , Zelle, Venmo or pay using the registration button below 

Feel free to call (505) 490-6145 or email us at if you have questions or for more information on upcoming trainings and sessions. 

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